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West Mountains

I took some video the end of March while driving in the pacific mountains north of Los Angeles. I composed this music, while on the trip, to accompany the video. Composed with sequencing software and my Oxygen 8 MIDI controller.

Photo taken near Banff, Alberta Canada in April 2010

Four Deer Running for It

Four Deer

Four Deer

These deer waited in some trees to the right until they apparent found the appropriate moment to dash across the street in front of us.

This photo took a great deal of post processing, including an initial HDR treatment with PhotoMatix Pro. Then I divided the photo into layers in Photoshop, masked out the animals, and then applied a motion blur on the background to convey more of a sense of motion and speed.



Sunrise Over a Pasture

A scene, for which I turned my truck around and came back.

A scene, for which I turned my truck around and came back.

I spent an hour taking photos across a pasture near here as the sun was rising. On my way back to the house, I spotted this scene, turned my truck around, and grabbed three exposures of it. The photo is post processed with Photomatix Pro (HDR) and some touch ups with Adobe Lightroom. I am especially pleased with this photo.