The Days & Nights of a Quiet Revolution


ISBN: 978-1720859529 • 394 pages

Most teachers have never taught in a school without computers. But when the author of this book started teaching social studies to seventh graders, personal computers did not exist and calculators still cost hundreds of dollars. His story chronicles more than thirty years of technological advancement and the revolution it has ignited in the ways that we conduct schooling. It celebrates the pioneer-heroes who led the revolution, its antagonists who resisted technology and those who attempt to use technology to corrupt our children’s education.

Challenging the What, How & Why of Education in the Digital Age

Early in this book I asked the question, “What do our children need learn today to be ready for an unpredictable future?” My answer was that children need to learn how to teach themselves – learning-literacy. But more specifically, our children need to achieve a practical understanding of the integrated contexts of their lives: their history and heritage; the cultural, societal and economic factors that shape their present and future; and the sciences of their environment. In the process of gaining this understanding, they need to learn to:

  • Think Logically
  • Recognize the Irrational
  • Read Habitually
  • Learn as a Lifestyle
  • Become an Information Artisan
  • Respect Each Other
  • Find you Personal Intersect between Play, Passion and Purpose

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