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Water & Light

Photography is all about light and what our world does to it. Water has an especially dramatic effect on light. Here, a bubble, formed by some behavior of physics that I cannot remember right now. This photo was probably post processed with Photomatix Pro, HDR’ing it for color and texture.

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Camera: No camera information • ISO 100 • 210mm • -167 ev • f/7.1 • 1/160

A Grape Vine after the Rain

It’s one of my favorite times to walk around with my camera, right after a rain. These droplets were in just the right balance between saturation and gravity. Also, this photo has almost no post-processing. It’s rare for me to post something without having doctored it, because doctoring photos is my favorite part of the process.

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Camera: Nikon D7100 • ISO 100 • 120 mm • -0.67 ev • f/5.6 • 1/250


This is pretty obviously an HDR processed photo. I used it to bring out the color and the texture of the flower. I’m especially pleased with the contrast between the flower and the unfocused background, bathed in sunlight.

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Camera: Nikon D7100 • ISO 4000 • 300 mm • -0.67 ev • f/10 • 1/640