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Driving Among the Selkirks

It was one of the best vacations that I’ve been on by my self. I had three days to drive around on the Selkirk loop in eastern British Columbia. I made a lot of stops and took lots of pictures, which I combined in a video that I produced a few weeks ago.

I like the music. Much of it was inspired by the cello music in the motion picture, Arrival. The music is called “On the Nature of Daylight.”

BOT on Hammond B3

BestOfI played lots of music in lots of band back in the day and mostly I played keyboards. rolie woodstockSadly, I could never afford a Hammond B3 organ, which was the signature organ sound of the ’70s rock era. No that I’m using a computer to make my music, the B3 sound is at my finger-tips, if not literally pushing a vacuum tube based electronic instrument.

Anyway, this song was created to back a video where in which I features some of my favorite pictures of some of the best places I’ve visited during my years of travel on the speakers circuit.

Sunrise over Moss Lake

Sunrise over Moss LakeI have finally started to use a drone for photography. It’s a DJI Phantom 3 Pro quadcopter, especially designed for photography and cinematography. It takes 3992×2992 RAW photos and and 4K video. This photo was taken from North Post Road in Shelby facing East toward to rising sun.

I used Photomatix Pro to post process three exposures of the image – HDR. The effect is a bit exaggerated, but I like the color.

A Cartoon Lily

IMG 8965It’s a yellow Lily. I do not recall when or where I took this photo. It is geotagged for Smith Hines Road, possibly in Charleston, South Carolina. The photo was probably HDR post processed, using Photomatix Pro. I also ran it through CameraToon, an app on my iPad and iPhone. It accentuated the lines and smoothed down the textures. It was a wonderful trip, looking for an apartment for my daughter.

Cormorants, Basking in the Sunset

We spent part of the afternoon walking around Copperhead Island at Lake Wylie.  The first cove we encountered held about a dozen resting cormorants and a whole hill of Coots (not shown here).

This photo was taken through the trees and there were a number of out-of-focus branches and twigs in the way.  I used the gradient tool in Adobe Lightroom to brighten up the right side of the photo, which erased the twits and branches.Cormorants in the Setting Sun


Unwitting Squirrel Entering the Tube

Unwitting Squirrel Entering the Tube

The baffle is the stopper. If the squirrel enters the baffle, looking for food, it gets lost and finally comes out the bottom. There is part of me that is eager for this pest to experience the terror of the dark. But they’re still a cute creature.

This photo is a result of some HDR post processing for better color and texture. It’s rare to find wildlife so willing to stand still for it.