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Presenting at a Conference

A Break in the Fog

I’d hoped that once my drone rose above the fog, that I would discover that it was hovering only over the lake. Nope, it pretty much covered Cleveland County. I did find this one break and liked the way that the trees were slightly visible. A little bit of adjusting with the clarity and brushing out of some unimportant objects revealed something that I like.

A Break in the Fog
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Camera: DJI FC300X ISO 100 3.61mm -2.66 ev F/2.8 1/1700

Driving Among the Selkirks

It was one of the best vacations that I’ve been on by my self. I had three days to drive around on the Selkirk loop in eastern British Columbia. I made a lot of stops and took lots of pictures, which I combined in a video that I produced a few weeks ago.

I like the music. Much of it was inspired by the cello music in the motion picture, Arrival. The music is called “On the Nature of Daylight.”

A Cartoon Lily

It’s a yellow Lily. I do not recall when or where I took this photo. It is geotagged for Smith Hines Road, possibly in Charleston, South Carolina. The photo was probably HDR post processed, using Photomatix Pro. I also ran it through CameraToon, an app on my iPad and iPhone. It accentuated the lines and smoothed down the textures. It was a wonderful trip, looking for an apartment for my daughter.

IMG 8965
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