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Motorcycle Man

We were on our way to my nephew’s wedding in some unfamiliar part of the state, parked while my parents made a pit stop and my brother purchased me some beverage. Then this young guy stepped up, helmet on, and mounted his motorcycle. He noticed me holding up my phone and gave me the “right on” gesture. Either that or he was warning me that I might get my nose punched.

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Camera: iPhone 6s • ISO 32 • 4.15 mm • 0 ev • f/2.2 • 1/1041

Sunset in Mumbai

I didn’t have much chance to walk around in Mumbai, so most of my photos were taken from a moving van. This is one that came out pretty well. I do not have much on the post processing that I did, but I’m certain that there was some HDR rendering involved.

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Camera: Nikon D7100 • ISO 200 • 120mm • -0.67 ev • f/5.6 • 1/3200