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My dabbles in music gadgeteering.

BOT on Hammond B3

rolie woodstock

I played lots of music in lots of band back in the day and mostly I played keyboards. Sadly, I could never afford a Hammond B3 organ, which was the signature organ sound of the ’70s rock era. No that I’m using a computer to make my music, the B3 sound is at my finger-tips, if not literally pushing a vacuum tube based electronic instrument.

Anyway, this song was created to back a video where in which I features some of my favorite pictures of some of the best places I’ve visited during my years of travel on the speakers circuit.

West Mountains

I took some video the end of March while driving in the pacific mountains north of Los Angeles. I composed this music, while on the trip, to accompany the video. Composed with sequencing software and my Oxygen 8 MIDI controller.

Photo taken near Banff, Alberta Canada in April 2010