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In Loving Memory Of..

St. John in-the-Wilderness in Flat Rock, North Carolina was the first Episcopal Church in Western North Carolina. It was consecrated on August 28, 1836. Charles and Susan Baring, who considered Charleston, South Carolina too hot in the summer, were among the first settlers of Flat Rock in the 1820s. Other people moved from Charleston to Flat Rock, which Bishop Ives called a “new but interesting settlement” in 1837.

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Camera: Nikon D7100 • ISO 3200 • 38mm • -0.67 ev • f/22 • 1/60

Nesting Bald Eagle

We had heard that they were around. After all, we live off of Eagle Cove Drive. I saw this guy and another flying over the lake it a back window. I ran outside with my camera and found him sitting on a nest over our property that we didn’t know was there.

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Camera: Nikon D7100 • ISO 640 • 600mm • -0.67 ev • f/13 • 1/800

Autumn 2014

We took the back roads up to Boone, North Carolina. It was my parents and me. At this pit stop, I took a bit of a walk, perhaps further than I should have left them alone. But just far enough to find this bridge and this magical scene.

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Camera: Nikon D7100 • ISO 400 • 24mm • -2 ev • f/4.5 • 1/500

Red Headed Woodpecker

I barely noticed this bird on top of a dead tree, about a hundred yards away. Even with the Tamron 150-600mm, I couldn’t tell what kind of bird it was, except that there was some red. From all the pictures I took four came out clear enough.

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Camera: Nikon D7100 • ISO 100 • 600mm • -3 ev • f/10 • 1/1600

Yeopim Creek

I took this photo during a trip that we took to Lake Mattamuskett with some folks from NC State University. Although I took my Nikon with me, I’d left its battery at home. So all of my photos from that trip were taken with my iPhone. I used a version of this photo as my first canvas print, which came out pretty well.

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Camera: Nikon iPhone • ISO ? • ?mm • ? ev • f/? • ?