Literacy in the 21st Century Conference

La Paloma Arizona -- conference tomorrowWhat a wonderful place for a conference. It’s a hundred degrees Fahrenheit, but quite comfortable in the shade. This is very weird to this southern boy. The Amphitheater School District has organized a literacy conference here for several years. This year, they’re looking to the future, mapping a new literacy for the students of theirs and other districts in Arizona.

I’ll be doing three half day workshops on contemporary literacy and a keynote address. The bottom line about literacy, is that it describes the skills necessary to use information in answering questions, solving problems, and accomplishing goals. As the nature of information changes, so to must our definition of literacy. Information is no longer merely a commodity to be purchased and read, looked at, listened to, and watched. Information is now a raw material to be mixed and remixed. Many of our students already understand this.

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